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On the Way to Tahrir Square! نوفمبر 22, 2011

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 On my way to Tahrir Square. I felt I need to address you again after ten months silence. Yes, it is the second revolution because in ten months nothing of what the rebels asked for came true: no transparent elections took place, the trials of the symbols of the old regimes seemed to go on forever. On top of that, the economic situation deteriorated because of a 40 percent inflation due to many reasons most important of which was the actions of the previous minister of treasury when he kept printing bank notes without real economic cover. Also, the terrible absence of police or the military police during the last months kept the streets in a state of chaos and the properties in constant risk of being stolen. The actions and plotting of at least one million Egyptians that are called “ felool” or the remnant followers of the old regimes whose lifestyles have been completely jeopardized by the imprisonment of their leaders was turning life in Egypt into hell and spreading fear of the coming parliamentary elections with the absence of security. All were due to the –now obvious—meant slowness of the Council in taking actions. They turned out to be the leaders of the counter revolutions. Most dangerous of all— many Egyptians have finally realized-will the success of the coming elections for the political Islamists who had implicitly made their deal with the Council and who do not really care for the country nor realize the true essence of Islam. Their influence was terrifyingly clear on last Friday’s demonstration> Those are mostly the reasons. But the flame was ignited with the abusing treatment that the police and military police gave to a group of 150 of the 25th of Jan. casualties who did not receive their long due amendments or proper treatment. They have peacefully camped in the square all last week. But after the departure of the political Islam demonstrators they were abused at the hands of the police and started to ask for the help of their friends and old rebel brothers. Of course you have seen the rest in the terrible pictures. I made dinner for the kids. I gave my daughter a bath as her long hair makes it tough for her to do. I do not have a feeling that I am not coming back. But I did these things just in case. I am heading to the square with a huge cargo of medical supplies for the field hospital. The Injured people sometimes refuse to go with the ambulances in fear they may take them to the military police. The field hospitals with their modest apparatus and undergraduate medical students are making wonders in front of the new terrible gas bombs.


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